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About me

Hello, my name is Karen Rosenfeld. I’ve spent 30 years working with and sharing my life with dogs and cats.

Hello, my name is Karen Rosenfeld. I'm a holistic wellness practitioner for dogs and cats, and I'm also a canine behaviorist.

I’m a holistic wellness practitioner for dogs and cats, and I’m a holistic dog behaviorist.

I provide in-depth diet, health and wellness consultations and detailed prescriptives to suit each of my clients’ dogs and cats.

I provide mindful dog obedience training, behavior modification and psychological rehabilitation consultations and sessions.

My focus is on my individual clients’ circumstances to mindfully create holistic care solutions for their dogs and cats.

About my Philosophy

Holistic Wellness

Diet and Nutrition

Every cat and dog is an individual. The diets I create are custom tailored to suit each dog and cat’s specific needs.

Each component of your dog and cat’s diet can contribute to their health and wellness. A well designed whole food diet, raw or gently cooked:

  • Provides the essential nutrients your dog and cat needs to thrive.
  • Supports your companion animal’s mental and physical health and longevity.
  • Supports your dog and cat’s immune system, her natural defense against:
    • Infections and co-diseases.
    • Insect and parasite infestation.
    • Chronic disease.
    • Injury.
  • Forms the foundation for treating and remedying health issues and conditions.
  • Eliminates overuse of, and dependency on drugs.

Health Regimen

Diet is the primary support for wellness. Your dog and cat also need a supportive health regimen.

It’s important to ensure the products you use contribute to your companion animal’s health. “Pet” health care products can contain many inappropriate, toxic-load building substances.

Your companion animal’s personal care products should be as clean and minimally processed as her diet. Every part of your dog and cat’s personal care program matters, including:

  • Eyes and Ears.
  • Fur and skin.
  • Oral health.
  • Insect and parasite prevention.
  • Vaccine protocol.
  • Pre-surgery and post surgery care.
  • Wound care.

Behavioral Health

Dogs have a full range of emotions, and the muscular facial structure to express those emotions. Dogs do smile. Dogs feel and express joy, surprise, sadness, grief and every emotion in-between.

Dogs have empathy. Dogs react to stimuli much like we do, based on nature and nurture. Each dog her own unique combination of inherited traits. As well, acquired traits shaped by environmental influence. This is true for humans too.

I teach my clients to embrace mindfulness. Mindfulness is an essential tool to support behavioral wellness:

  • In ourselves.
  • In our dogs.

Awareness opens our senses and allows us to communicate with deep, meaningful clarity. Awareness enables us to be present in the moment. To let go of the obstacles that keep us from moving forward.

Our eyes, facial expressions, breathing, touch, body language and thoughts provide the opportunity to communicate with our dogs and they to us. These are the tools I teach my clients to use.

Our dogs do precisely what we tell them to do. Reactivity creates reactivity. Mindfulness and awareness form the foundation for deep and meaningful understanding and connectivity. Our dogs offer us guidance and support on a daily basis. They ask us questions and they let us know when we need help.

To help a dog we must first help ourselves. It’s our dogs’ gift to us.

I teach my clients awareness to enable comprehensive communication, greater understanding and a deeper human-canine partnership.

Additional information can be found on my FAQ page.

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  • I choose to maintain my objectivity in selecting the best solutions for my individual client’s situation. Therefore…
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    • I don’t sell food or supplements.