Frequently Asked Questions

additional information about myself and my holistic wellness and behavioral services

Karen Rosenfeld - FAQ for my holistic wellness and behavioral services
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  • What dog breeds do I work with?
    • All breeds including teacup size to extra large size dog breeds.
  • Do I work with puppies, adult dogs, senior dogs?
    • Yes, I work with all ages, including puppies, teenage dogs, adult dogs, and senior dogs.
  • Do I work with hearing and sight impaired, and otherwise physically challenged dogs?
    • Yes, I do. The techniques I use to communicate and direct are naturally suited to, and understood by physically challenged and impaired dogs.
  • Do I charge additional fees for working with more than one dog in a household for behavioral sessions?
    • No, I don’t.
  • What training gear do I use?
    • A simple standard leash.
    • A simple standard martingale collar.
    • For teacup size dogs, a simple wrap style/step-in harness (not a collar).
    • A soft leather muzzle.
  • What are my service regions?
    • I offer voice, video and email consultations and sessions worldwide for holistic wellness and behavioral health.
    • For in-person in-home behavioral sessions, information on my service regions can be found on the BEHAVIORAL SERVICES PAGE.
Karen Rosenfeld - FAQ for my holistic wellness and behavioral services, Robbie
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  • Do I have any affiliations to companies?
    • NO. I choose to maintain my objectivity in selecting the best solutions for my individual client’s situation. Therefore, I’m not aligned with any companies and I don’t sell food or supplements.
  • Do I board and/or board and train dogs?
    • No.
  • Can I surrender my dog or cat to you?
    • No.
  • Am I a veterinarian?
    • No.
  • Do I provide veterinarian recommendations?
    • No.
  • What are my qualifications?
    • My qualifications are my many years of living and working with dogs and cats. More information regarding myself and my philosophy can be found on the ABOUT PAGE.
  • Do I offer a guarantee for my behavioral services?
    • The guarantee is you – by following and implementing what I teach you and your companion animal, you are able to ensure your success.