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Teach your dog not to chase your cat

How To Stop Your Dog From Chasing Your Cat

Robbie and Tibby weren’t always best friends –
Robbie just needed some coaching to get there!
IF YOU DO NOT WANT YOUR DOG TO CHASE YOUR CAT…you have to disagree with the behaviour consistently and pro-actively.
The methodology below is also relevant to stop your dog from chasing your rabbit, guinea pig, ferret…
One – Make sure you are calm (without excess emotion),and ready to coach with fair, firm confidence. Don’t be aggressive; don’t raise your voice in anger.
Two – Lead…addressing from a distance is not leadership! Calmly but with assurance get up and walk over to your dog. If you need to move a distance – fine, move quickly, deliberately, confidently – not panicked or excited! Don’t match your dog’s state, if you do so, you lead by the wrong example.
Three – Get your dog’s attention, you can touch your dog firmly but quickly with your fingers – at its neck or waist, you can snap your fingers and say ‘hey’ firmly, but not with anger. Never touch or talk in anger as you then lead by the wrong example!
Four – Tell your dog what you want i.e. ‘no, don’t touch’ and then say ‘leave it’ I have ten dogs – different breeds, from tiny to large – they all understand this type of direction…as do the dogs I work with for my clients. Direct your dog, don’t whine and complain to your dog…for example… ‘I wish you wouldn’t so that’ or ‘Oh, stop that’ and so on.
Five – Tell your dog what you would like it to do instead i.e. ‘go sit down’ etc.Six – If your dog gets back up and moves forward to start the chase again…you can either use your voice as noted above or you can herd your dog. Herding is accomplished by using your body to herd your dog away – back it out of the space by walking into the space your dog is occupying or use your body by leaning in or toward your dog, you can block the space with your foot, or even just slightly move your foot out or your knee, you can then point them away with your hand/arm and say /no’, go lie down…and make sure that they do!

Seven – Follow through…if your dog goes does go to chase again follow through by repeating step one to five – don’t get angry, simply correct as per the steps above. This is a test of wills, persistence, determination – you have to be more committed and more determined than your dogs is…and you must lead by example – if you don;t want your dog to dominate then you should not express or be dominating, aggressive, angry or excited.

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