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Nothing! Pit Bulls may have compressive jaw strength and superior overall body strength…they also posses great intelligence, sensitivity and train-ability.


There are many thousands of Pit Bulls who live with their human families in harmony. These dogs contribute nothing but love and affection to the families and communities that they live-in. Living, breathing proof of the loving nature of the breed.


There are more attacks recorded by other breeds such as Golden Retrievers (sorry doggies no offense intended) than there are by Pit Bulls. Pit Bull attacks simply feed the need of some people to victimize and buttonhole – meaning it makes for more sensational news – so gets the reporting focus. Years ago the focus was Dobermans, then German Shepherds, Boxers, Rottweilers – each of these breeds went through this cycle of bad publicity based on uninformed, reactive human emotion.

Our current age of enlightenment currently shines the focus on Pit Bulls.

Pit Bulls are sweet tempered dogs.

Pit Bulls are not the problem – humans are! Many people do not even know the difference between a Pit Bull and similar looking breeds…so not only is the Pit Bull vilified but also other innocent dogs. I have had people recoil from my Boxer as they ask me ‘is that a Pit Bull?’ And so what if he was!

A Pit Bull in its natural state is a social being, a pack animal with the potential inherent to get along with others. There are very few dogs born with ‘bad wiring’. When a dog goes bad it is almost always a human who is responsible for the bad behaviour.


Over the centuries humans have selectively bred dogs for both physical and behavioural traits. Sometimes the goal was to achieve a loyal, strong, dog with stamina and intelligence that could be taken into war, or employed as a guard dog.

It is humanity that has created all of these breeds yet it is humanity that mishandles them, disrespecting the dog’s needs and requirements. Humans use and abuse the dog for selfish reasons, altering the dog’s natural state and transforming its good and social nature. When things go wrong it is the dog that is blamed. It is the dog that suffers, it is the dog that does not get to live the life it was born to live, the life it deserved to live.


When the wrong people, for the wrong reasons acquire these beautiful dogs – the nature of who they are truly meant to be is disrupted. The dog may be taught to use its natural abilities for harm instead of good. No dog wants to be bad. All dogs want to have the opportunity to receive fair instruction, coaching and mentoring to help them be social happy members of society – the same thing that a child wants. Children don’t want to be bad – but when the lack the proper guidance, just like a dog they have little choice. Is it the dog’s fault that its human is too lazy to coach and mentor it? Is it the dog’s fault that it’s human is aggressive and wants to teach the dog to be aggressive as well?

The dog has little choice – the human has supreme power to ensure compliance – brutality and cruelty, weapons.

Animal laws need to focus on the human’s responsibility and not blame the dog. Do we blame a child when it is neglected, abused and poorly taught? The child like the dog has little choice about how they are treated and what they are taught…and so it is for a dog.

So many dogs have been put to death needlessly, while the humans who altered the dog’s natural, balanced state of being, walks away; never taking any responsibility for what they have done.


Pit Bulls are victims of the selfishness of humanity. Untold numbers of Pit Bulls suffer great pain and death – brutally used in dog fights for the entertainment of humans. Other humans use Pit Bulls to booster the human’s desire to evoke fear and power. Do we punish human victims of bullying? Or do we seek to find and treat the bully? Why would we treat a victimized Pit Bull with ire and cruelty rather than with sensitivity and care?

Invariably it is the dogs who suffers most. Misunderstood, euthanized.


A dog learns aggressive-reactive behaviour because a human enables the behaviourin a dog. Aggression is not embedded in a Pit Bulls nature. If aggression exists humanity has created it. It is the human (who has taught the dog aggression) that is bad, it is the human that lacks ethics, morals, sensitivity and the will to delineate right and wrong.

There are very few dog attacks that are not-unprovoked…it is just that no one was there at the right time to intervene in the right way when the provocation first started to build.

When we pass the dog to someone else – we just pass the problem on. When we summarily euthanize the dog we are making a huge mistake.

When we do not take the opportunity to correct the dog in a respectful, firm way without anger, fear or other emotions we create psychological damage in the dog. We miss an opportunity to change future outcomes – we make one more mistake in the dogs’ life – we set the dog up for future failure…just as we would be doing with a human. I help people and their dogs repair this type of issue all of the time.

There are very few dog attacks that are not-unprovoked…it is just that no one was there at the right time to intervene in the right way when the provocation first started to build.

A dog that nips has already been let down by humanity – it does not need to be euthanized, it does not want to be bad – it just wants someone to step up to the plate and provide it with kind, considered direction.

If not addressed in time the nip eventually turns to a bit and the bite can turn into a deathly compressive lockdown. Not the dogs fault – humanities fault.

For those who have suffered from traumatic dogs bites (either human or animal companions), for those who have died as a result of an attack by a dog and for their loved ones who are left to try to understand – it is a tragic and life altering situation. But 99.9% of the time it is the humans behind the reactive dog who are at fault – not the dog who is euthanized.


Because dogs live in the moment it is easier to change a dog’s ‘bad habits’ than it is a human’s. Humans carry grudges, dogs do not. Dogs are very forgiving and treat each day, each experience as a new beginning. It is only with difficulty that we are able to convince, permit and allow ourselves to do the same.

Patience, will, determination, persistence, respect and an understanding of dog and human psychology are key. Coach and mentor the dog, train the people.


If we are willing to open our minds to see, we can learn so much from them about ourselves. They can help us be more aware of our own behaviour and give us a second chance to grow into better, wiser and happier individuals. When you help a dog it is not just the dog that gets a second lease on life and a new opportunity…it is also the human.


Dog aggression IS NOT BRED SPECIFIC – therefore Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) is wrong!

BSL is legislation born of fear, ignorance and laziness. BSL is not based on logic, common sense or truth.

BSL is not a cure, it is racisim. Address the root cause – if you want to make a change – go after the people that cause the problem, not the innocent dog.

SHAME on ONTARIO, CANADA and all of the other places in the world that have adopted BSL!


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