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Homemade Natural Insect Repellent for Dogs, Cats

In this article: Recipes to make your own all natural, non-toxic, herbal and homeopathic flea, tick, mosquito:  Repellent topical sprays; Rubs; Dips;  Rinse; Collar Drops Spot-on Drops 1.0 Sprays 1.1 Fresh Lemon Spray (for cats and dogs) Fresh lemons and water make an excellent non-toxic easy to make mosquito spray with a refreshing scent. See the recipe here. 1.2 Almond, …

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Natural Flea, Tick, Mosquito Prevention for Dogs Spot-On, Collar Drops

In this article: Recipes to make your own Natural flea, tick, mosquito prevention for dogs – Spot-on and Collar Drops to repel fleas, ticks, mosquitoes; Reduce your dog’s, cat’s toxic load – go natural no more pesticide-based conventional  preventatives; Use these natural spot-on and collar drops in combination with a: Healthy, immune system-boosting diet, and: All natural, non-toxic spray repellant’s …

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Fresh Lemon for Dogs – Health Benefits, Uses

 Lemons are amazing – in this article you will find… The many Health Benefits of adding lemon to your dog’s diet; How to use Lemon Topically to Treat Skin Conditions; How to use lemon to Prevent Frostbite; How to use lemon to Repel Insects such as Mosquitos; How to use lemon to Treat Urinary Tract Infections (UTI); How to use …

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Dog, Cat Shampoo, Rinses – Natural, Organic, DIY

Despite the fact that a manufacturer may label and advertise a shampoo for dogs or cats as safe, all-natural or organic does not mean that the product is actually safe, organic or natural. While a product may contain one or more safe ingredients it may also include multiple toxic/carcinogenic ingredients. In addition it is important to note that many commercial flea …

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Natural Dog Treats – Homemade Recipes

Commercially manufactured, highly processed dog kibble, cookies and treats can be full of poor nutrition, toxins and carcinogens. The manufacturer may promote their product as wholesome and (all) natural but the terms ‘wholesome’, ‘all-natural’ are not regulated – manufacturers can use the terms as liberally as they like. Many of these treats also contain sugar and other ingredients that are …

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