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Good Dairy Products for Dogs, Cats

In this article… History; Lactose Tolerance in Dogs and Cats v.s Lactose Intolerance; Worried About Your Dog or Cat Gaining Weight? Plain Natural Yogurt and Kefir; Health Benefits; How to Choose a Good Product Cheese; Health Benefits; How to Choose a Good Product  DIY Treats; FAQ Some organizations and companion pet owners/ guardians are quite adamant that dairy can never …

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Fresh Foods Rich in Probiotics for Your Dog, Cat

Kefir and fresh sauerkraut are inexpensive, readily available and are two of the best sources of viable, high quality probiotics – in fact both of these foods contain more strains of bacteria and more probiotics than most supplements. Sauerkraut typically contains 13 strains of bacteria and about 100 times more probiotics than most probiotoc supplements. Kefir typically contains about 10 …

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DIY Probiotics for Your Dog and Cat

If you would like to ensure that the probiotics you are providing for your dog and cat are viable, from a trusted source and are of the first quality you can make the probiotics yourself. Sauerkraut is quick, easy and very inexpensive to make. You can also make your own kefir – it is also simple to make, however you …

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Probiotics for Dogs – Digestive, Cognitive Health

  The Definition of Probiotics  The original meaning of the word probiotic is ‘benficial to life’. Probiotics are live microorganisms which when ingested in appropriate amounts (not to little, not too much) are beneficial to the host and help prevent disease…and in the case of this discussion ‘host’ is defined as dog!  These micororganisims are live, friendly bacteria that live …

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Selecting a Good Probiotic for Dogs, Cats

Not all probiotics sold for dogs and cats are affective or safe for your companion animal.  Probiotic supplements for dogs and cats are not considered a drug – as such, in many countries, including Canada and the USA probiotics are not regulated.  Manufacturers are free to do as they please and many do – cutting corners to increase profit leaving …

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