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Vegan Dry Dog Food – can Vegan Dry Food Support Health, and Ethics

Vegan dry dog food, health and ethics

Healthy, Ethical or Not? Vegan Dry Dog Food, Vegetarian Dry Dog Food – is it really good for your dog. Are the pet food industry’s offerings of vegan and vegetarian dry dog food actually ethically sourced and formulated? In this article I look at an actual Case Study – what went right, what went wrong, and why, and I discuss …

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Dangers of Dog and Cat Flea, Tick, Heartworm, Parasite Preventatives

In this article: Active Ingredients in Veterinarian Prescribed or Pet-Store Insect, Parasite Preventatives and Treatments; Why Would a Veterinarian Prescribe Something That was Not Good For Your Dog, Cat; What the EPA is Saying About Theses Products; Your Dog’s, Cat’s Best Defence; Why The Life Span of Our Dogs and Cats Has Declined Rather Than Increased Since the 1950’s; Overuse, …

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Prescription Pet Food – Bad for Dog’s, Cat’s Health

Is the Prescription Dog (Cat) Food Sold in Veterinarian’s Offices Good or Bad for Your Dog (Cat)?  Hill’s Prescription Diet, Royal Canine Veterinary Diet, Purina Veterinary Diet, etc. What you Need to Know So That You Can Select Healthy Veterinarian Prescribed Dog Food In this article: Practitioners of Conventional Modern Veterinary Medicine – how much do they really know about …

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Dangerous Preservatives – Dog, Cat Food and Treats

In this article… Preservatives (used in pet food) that are seriously detrimental to your dog’s, cat’s health – negatively impacting your animal’s quality of life, and shortening life-span;  Uses and dangerous side effects of these chemical-based preservatives. 1.0 Six Chemical-Based Artificial Preservatives You Need to Get Out of Your Dog’s, Cat’s Diet BHA; BHT; Ethoxyquin; Sodium Metabisulfite; Propyl Gallate; TBHQ …

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AFFCO Certification of Dog and Cat Food

  AFFCO Certification for Dog and Cat Food is Not A Guarantee of Quality or Good Nutrition… I strongly recommend that concerned and loving Dog Owners never judge a dog or cat food product’s quality based on AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) guidelines and here is why… Just because a dry or wet dog / cat food or …

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