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Don’t Argue With Your Dog

SO, YOU WANT TO INSTRUCT AND DIRECT YOUR DOG… WELL, LET”S START BY DISCUSSING WHAT YOU SHOULD NOT DO! DON’T ENGAGE IN AN ARGUMENT WITH YOUR DOG, DON’T COMPLAIN & WHINE! Tugging and pulling, yelling, frustration, anger – it’s all part of engaging in an argument.  If you are trying to provide direction to your dog – who is excited, …

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Dogs are Opportunistic – Learn to Work With It

JUST LIKE MOST PEOPLE DOGS ARE OPPORTUNISTS – IS THIS A GOOD THING OR A BAD THING? Well for Sarah, my German Shepherd x Siberian Husky, being an opportunist was key to survival in her first year of life which she spent primarily as a stray. Her wiliness and great intelligence ensured that she survived! It also made her a …

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Establishing Pack Leadership 101 – be your dog’s packleader

The Basic Tools of Leadership Psychology 101 Communication 101 Patience 101 Logic 101 Behavior 101 Leadership Is… Being that thing first that you want your dog to be – attentive, aware, calm, grounded, patient, respectful – comfortable, confident and normal. Observe a dog interacting with another dog. Dogs that are psychologically well balanced dogs – not anxious, reactive, fearful etc. …

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Earn Your Dog’s Respect

Most dogs, will instinctively know what they are being asked to do if they are communicated with & shown in the right way at the right time and provided with the right tools to navigate safely and confidently through situations. If the dog’s guardian has not learned how to read their own dog, is not aware of their own emotions, …

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