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Corn, Corn Derivatives Bad for Dogs, Cats

In this article: Serious Health Issues Caused by Corn and Corn Derivatives Examples of Pet food That Contain Corn and Corn Derivatives A List of Corn, Corn Derivatives and Other Ingredients That May Contain Corn Pet food products (dry food, wet food, treats, dental care products, toothpaste, etc.) that include corn and corn derivatives definitely compromise health and shorten your …

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Corn, Soy – Bad for Your Dog, Cat

In this article – the importance of eliminating Corn and Soy from your dog’s and cat’s diet, failure to do so can cost your dog and cat it’s health and shorten its life-span.   Corn and Soy are NOT species appropriate foods for dogs and cats; Corn and Soy (in North America) are grown from genetically modified, round-up ready ‘agent …

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Avoid These Dog and Cat Food, Treats

Dog (Cat) Food and Treats to Avoid, Lacking in Nutrition full of Toxins, Carcinogens – Manufacturers at the Top of My Shame List Five Mega Multi-National Companies – Five Common Household Names – So Much Deception… Colgate-Palmolive Del Monte Foods Mars Nestlé Procter & Gamble The Big Five listed above produce multiple brands of some of the most popular dog …

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Grains Cause Dog, Cat Health Problems

A dog’s ancestral diet looked very different from the diet that has been made popular by pet-food manufacturers. The composition of a Dog’s Ancestral Diet looked like this… 56% Protein    25% to 30% Fat           14% Carbohydrates     Carbohydrates are NOT nutritionally necessary in a dog’s diet. Protein and fat ARE essential components for a healthy canine diet. Carbohydrates are NOT …

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