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Introducing Your Dog to Other Animals

So, you would like to introduce your dog to a cat or another non-canine animal, maybe a rabbit! As pack leader our role in a dog-to-other animal meeting is to coach and mentor, not to stress and panic!  Teaching your dog good social manners with other animals starts with training yourself.  My smaller cat ‘Callie’ waiting for the dogs to …

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How To Stop Your Dog From Chasing Your Cat

Teach your dog not to chase your cat

Robbie and Tibby weren’t always best friends – Robbie just needed some coaching to get there!   IF YOU DO NOT WANT YOUR DOG TO CHASE YOUR CAT…you have to disagree with the behaviour consistently and pro-actively. The methodology below is also relevant to stop your dog from chasing your rabbit, guinea pig, ferret… One – Make sure you are …

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