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Dog Psychology 101 – The Real Thing

Karen, Robbie and Jacob

Being Consciously Aware is Essential I see and hear the term ‘dog psychology’ used everywhere – on dog trainers’ and behaviorists’ websites, on the professional group discussion boards I participate in. The word ‘psychology’ has become a trap, a catch-all, a regurgitation of misconceptions. Thought Streaming on Auto Pilot Most of us move through our typical day surrounded and consequently …

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Don’t Argue With Your Dog

SO, YOU WANT TO INSTRUCT AND DIRECT YOUR DOG… WELL, LET”S START BY DISCUSSING WHAT YOU SHOULD NOT DO! DON’T ENGAGE IN AN ARGUMENT WITH YOUR DOG, DON’T COMPLAIN & WHINE! Tugging and pulling, yelling, frustration, anger – it’s all part of engaging in an argument.  If you are trying to provide direction to your dog – who is excited, …

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