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Patience 101- Canines and Humans

Dog Training - True Patience

In my experience changing a dog’s unhealthy habits can be accomplished with more ease than changing a human’s unhealthy habits. Why? Is it because the dog is less intelligent than the human? In my estimation it is not that the dog is less intelligent. A dog is generally more observant and therefore a more insightful communicator than an ‘untrained human’. …

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Dog Psychology 101 – The Real Thing

Karen, Robbie and Jacob

Being Consciously Aware is Essential I see and hear the term ‘dog psychology’ used everywhere – on dog trainers’ and behaviorists’ websites, on the professional group discussion boards I participate in. The word ‘psychology’ has become a trap, a catch-all, a regurgitation of misconceptions. Thought Streaming on Auto Pilot Most of us move through our typical day surrounded and consequently …

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Factors That Influence Dog Behaviour

Factors that affect dog behavior

Behavior – ‘good’ and ‘bad’ is created, enabled, influenced and maintained by a series of  interconnected elements including but not limited to… Inherited traits and Acquired traits that define the individual as a unique being these can be subtle variations or obvious variations between individuals Environmental influences (animate, inanimate) past, present and anticipation of future societal beliefs regarding the canine …

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Dog Training – Remember to Employ Comparative Logic

My German Shepherd Abby

To understand the potential negative impacts of a training approach all one has to do is put that approach into human terms. By that I mean what would happen if you adopted the approach with another human? Well lets take a look at a few examples… If You Choose the Alpha Approach You Will: Trigger a fight with the person …

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About Dogs, Humans and a Better Way

Ottawa VOttawa Valley Dog Whisperer's Dog Pack on the trailalley Dog Whisperer'sDog Pack on the trail

1.0 My Thoughts On… Perception and Assumption v.s. Understanding – Behavior, Training Techniques, Psychology and Communication 1.1 Our Past – Our Future and Choosing a Better Way There are more dogs suffering from behavioral issues and illness now than at any other time in our past history. Technology allows us to go places and do things that in the past, …

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