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Dealing with Food Aggression, Food Guarding

Dog Training Tips - food aggression

IS DOG to DOG FOOD AGGRESSION NORMAL? In a domestic well-balanced and established, canine-canine or human-canine relationship food guarding, possession to the point of aggression is not normal behaviour. Unless this issue is properly addressed and resolved it can and normally will result in escalated levels of aggression overtime – quickly of slowly depending on the situation. Food guarding / …

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Dog to dog on leash aggression

WHAT’S WRONG WITH THAT DOG?  People scowl and ask when they see a dog being ‘aggressive’ to another dog as the dogs and their people walk by each other. Well nothing is wrong with that dog that cannot be fixed. How did the dog get to this state of reactivity (what you see as aggression)? Well, 99% of the time …

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