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Dealing with Anxiety in Dogs – What Works, What Doesn’t

Anxiety in Dogs - Behaviour Modification

In this article… Loving Dog Owners – the Vulnerable Consumer Trained to Trust not to Question… A question that I am often asked – ‘Are you familiar with the Thundershirt? Understanding Limitations Setting Expectations Commercially Available Products – Can They, Do They Really Help Remedying Root Cause v.s the Band Aid Approach Dogs acquire chronic anxiety for many reasons and …

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Dogs and Thunder Anxiety

I BRING GOOD NEWS – YOU CAN MITIGATE AND EVEN CURE YOUR DOG’S THUNDER ANXIETY – DON’T GIVE UP HOPE! Your kit-of-tools to success is complete, you don’t need to go out and purchase anything – you already have what you need…you just have to dust off and polish up your tools a little. Your tools are – your patience, …

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Thunder Anxiety in Dogs

Thunder anxiety in dogs

Thunder? Who cares, not me anymore – I have my toy & my comfy place to be! MANY PEOPLE FIND THAT THEIR DOGS ARE ADVERSELY AFFECTED BY THUNDER AND THUNDERSTORMS. I am often asked why this happens and what can be done to help the dog. My first dog ‘Shanny’ was affected by the noise – I was fortunate as …

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