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Understanding Dog Aggression – Avoid Creating Aggression

Dog Behaviour Tips - Understanding Dog Aggression

The most common types of aggressive-reactive behaviour in dogs result from the dog being… A – Insecure, nervous, tense, fear based reactivity; B – Bullying, dominating reactivity. When these psychological conditions noted above are not addressed and resolved a dog may become: Fearful reactive-aggressive, or; Defensive reactive-aggressive, or; Offensive reactive-aggressive. Some typical signs of these behaviors are: Fearful reactive-aggressive – …

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How to Stop Your Dogs From Fighting

how to stop your dogs from fighting

On a Trail Walk with Part of My Own Dog Pack To stop your dogs from fighting many elements need to be addressed… If you have no prior experience with this sort of behavior and suddenly find yourself in the midst of a dog fight it can be a very stressful experience. When we add our stress to the situation …

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