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Euphrasia, Coconut Oil DIY Natural Treatment – Dog Cat Eye Infections

Euphrasia, Coconut Oil DIY Natural Treatment - Dog Cat Eye Infections

This natural DIY eye infection treatment for dogs and cats requires two simple ingredients – the herb euphrasia, also known as ‘eye bright’; and coconut oil. Euphrasia and coconut oil offer anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, antioxidants and minerals that help fight infection, sooth, nourish and protect the eye, and surrounding fur. Time to say ‘NO’ to conventional antibiotics, corticosteroids, and associated adverse …

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Homemade Natural Bug Repellent for Dogs, Cats

All-Natural Bug Repellant balm recipe for dogs and cats

Make your own homemade natural bug repellent for dogs, cats, puppies and kittens. This bug repellent is a balm you can make at home – made with coconut oil, essential oils or hydrosols using the recipe below… To Make the Insect Repellent Balm You Will Need… A small glass, china or porcelain container with a lid To avoid transfer of …

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Coconut Oil for Dogs and Cats – Health Benefits

Coconut oil for dogs and cats offers numerous health benefits. Although saturated fat has received a very bad rap it is well worth taking a second look at coconut oil as a nutritional supplement for your dog’s diet. While virgin coconut oil is 90% saturated fat, when added to a dog’s diet in small quantities, on a daily basis virgin …

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