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Food Allergies in Dog, Cats – Causes, Symptoms, Natural Treatments

In this article… 1.0 What Triggers a Food Allergy in Dogs and Cats 2.0 What Happens In the GI Tract When Food Triggers an Allergic Response 3.0 Symptoms of a Food Allergy 4.0 Common Food Allergens 5.0 Dietary Remedies for Food Allergies 6.0 The Post Elimination Diet 7.0 Topical Intervention – To Treat and Sooth Discomfort        – Diarrhea        …

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Food Allergies in Dogs, Cats – Remedies, Elimination Diet

In this article… 1.0 Dietary Remedies for Food Allergies 1.1 Processed Dry/Wet Prescription Diets – not recommended 2.0 Initial Clean-Up of the Diet Step #1 – Remove all Grain and Grain Derivatives Step #2 – Asses Whether You Need to Go to an Elimination Diet 3.0 The Elimination Diet Protocol and Recipe 3.1 Goal 3.2 Duration 3.3 Transition 3.4 The …

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Itching and Scratching in Dogs

why does my dog scratch

When a dog is scratching itself constantly, the source of the itch, rash, etc. may be the result of:  An infestation of fleas;  A reaction to another type of bug bite or even insect eggs that have been laid by a bug just under the first layer of skin; Allergies to food or pesticides present in food stuffs; Seasonal or …

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