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Dog Behaviour Training Assessment Scale

Social behaviour

Introduction Our Dogs, Our Selves Most of us humans are not born leaders –  we must consciously work hard to acquire leadership skills  – the same is true for our canine companions. We can become anxious and stressed in the absence of well-grounded structure and guidance – the mentoring that we require as individuals to become confident, stable beings.  The …

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Hyper Active Dog, Anxious Dog – Heightened Sensitivity

Dog Behaviour Modification Hyper Active Dogs

My highly sensitive very dear, sweet Boxer x Pit Bull boy Robbie – who wasn’t so sweet when he arrived in my pack, he was a badly misunderstood dog and an abused dog… All dogs are intelligent, sensitive beings, but some dogs have an even more acute sensitivity and intelligence – these dogs are what I call ‘Heightened Sensitivity’ Dogs …

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