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Sessions In Person, In Home

Dog Park Socialization

For Puppies, Teenage, Adult and Senior Dogs all breeds, all ages in the Ottawa, Gatineau , Ottawa Valley and Nation’s Capital Area.

  1. About a session
  2. Session Duration
  3. Session Days and Times
  4. Cost and Payment Information
  5. Request a Quotation
  6. Preparation For Your Session
  7. After Session Follow-up
  8. Additional Support Services
  9. Assessments
  10. My Approach

1. About a Session

My sessions are designed to create a comprehensive learning experience for you and your dog. To see a list of In-Person sessions I offer you can go here.

I work with…

  • You and your dog(s)
  • Your family
  • Your friends
  • Your neighbors
  • etc., as applicable to your individual situation
  • your home
  • your yard
  • your street
  • your dog park,
  • etc. as applicable to your individual situation

2. Session Duration

  • I offer various session lengths –
    • 1 hour session
    • 2 hour session
    • 3 hour session
    • *4 to 8 hour session
  • *The length of your session will depend on your specific situation

3. Session Days and Times

  • I offer sessions on Weekdays and Weekends
  • Session start time is usually 10:00 am in the morning – if you require a different start time (i.e. 11:00 am) let me know and I will see if I can accommodate you.

4. Cost and Payment Information

For cost and payment information go here

5. Request a Quotation

Send me an email or give me a quick call to let me know:

With that information in-hand, I can provide you with a quotation for your session cost.

6. Book a Session

To book a session you simply pay your deposit. After you have paid your deposit I can secure a date for you.

For your convenience I offer three methods of payment:

  1. Email money transfer
  2. Credit cards via PayPal
  3. Direct deposit to bank

For details or to pay your deposit go here.

7. Preparation For Your Session

Greeting and Normalizing the Presence of Guests

Normally recommended for most of my dog training clients…

Learning good social skills with people is important. If you are booking a dog obedience session, a behavior modification session or a psychological rehab and b-mod session with me…

I recommend that you arrange to have one or more family members, friends or neighbors drop by while I am at your home so that I have an opportunity to work with you and your dog on good social skills and manners around the ringing of the door bell, greeting of guests and presence of guests in your home.

My Arrival at Your Home

It is important for me to see what normally occurs in your household regarding interactions with you, your dog and typical situations.  In support of this, please allow your dog(s), puppy(ies) to greet me as he/she would greet any other individual coming to your home.

8. After Session Follow-Up

After the session (later that day, or the following day)

  • I put together a customized package of information and reference material designed to reinforce what we covered in your session
  • You receive your Session Follow-up Guide via email

9. Additional Support Services

10.0 Assessments

I do not require that my clients do an assessment prior to doing a session. If for any reason you would like me to assess your situation for you prior to doing a session I would be pleased to do a consultation with you.

11.0 My Approach

For insights into my approach, philosophy, techniques you can go here.