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Consultations by Phone

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1. Request an Phone Consultation 

  1. Send me an email or give me a quick call so you can provide me with a brief explanation of the issue you would like to have addressed.
    1. Make sure you include where you are located – Country + State, Province or Region as applicable.
    2. I will review your information, and let you know if I require any additional information from you.
    3. I will provide you with estimated cost for your consultation.

2. Consultation Cost Options

For information on consultation cost options go here.

3. Pay for Your Consultation Time

To pay for your consultation time go here.

4. Coordinate Consultation Time

  1. Once you have paid for your consultation time I will then coordinate with you to establish a time for the consultation to take place

Canada and the U.S.A.

  • I call you, you call me – its your choice…
    • I can call you at the agreed upon consultation time:
      • Just provide me with the phone number that you want me to call you at, OR;
      • You can choose to call me – just let me know which option you prefer.

South and Central America

  • You call me at the agreed upon consultation time.
    • (office) 00-1-613-926-5536
    • (mobile) 00-1-613-293-3707


  • You call me at the agreed upon consultation time.
    • (office) 00-1-613-926-5536
    • (mobile) 00-1-613-293-3707

5. Consultation Follow-Up

Depending on the nature of the consultation I may provide you with additional information in writing after your phone consultation.

If you are doing a full phone session consultation with me (i.e. of several hours in length) for behavior issues, etc., after the session (later that day, or the following day)

  1. I put together a customized package of information and reference material designed to reinforce what we covered in your session
  2. You receive your Session Follow-up eBook via email

6. Available Consultation Services

To see a full list of consultations offered go here.

7. This Service is Available In The Following Locations