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Services For Canines…

  • Puppy, teenage, adult and senior dogs;
  • All breeds – Tea cup Yorkies to Border Collies; to German Shepherds, Pit Bulls and Mastiffs; to Great Danes, Irish Wolf Hounds, and every breed in-between;
  • Physically challenged dogs – Hearing and site impaired, tripod, etc.
  • Anxious, insecure, aggressive, obsessive dogs

In-Person In Your Home Sessions

1 Hour, 2 Hour, 3 Hour and 4 to 7 Hour Sessions

On-line Advice, Consultation, Sessions

By Phone , By Skype, By FaceTime, By Facebook Voice or Video or By Email

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Service for Cats and Kittens…

Feline Holistic Diet, Nutrition, Health and Wellness

By Phone , By Skype, By FaceTime, or By Email

Diet, Nutrition, Product Advice
Unbiased and Insightful
Review, Analysis, Recommendation

Food, Treats, Supplements etc.
Health Care Products

Diet, Nutrition, Health and Wellness Plans
For a Healthy Feline
For Feline Health Issues
Temporary Health Conditions
Chronic Health Conditions
Diet, Nutrition, Ingested and Topical Treatment Plans

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