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Holistic Dog Cat Wellness

Holistic Dog Cat Wellness – Advice and Custom Diet Nutrition Wellness

Services Offered

Diet, Nutrition and Health Advice including advice on treating health issues; selecting appropriate food, supplements, and other products
Unbiased, informative review, analysis, recommendations

Prescription of Herbs, Nutraceuticals and Alternative Medicines
Unbiased, informed prescription of herbs, nutraceuticals and alternative medicines

Custom Designed Holistic Diet Nutrition Wellness Plans
Maintain Good Health, Speed Healing, Support for Chronic Health Conditions

Diet, Nutrition Wellness Sessions
Learn about Diet, Nutrition and Simple Holistic Care

Designed to Support You

In your quest to provide the best diet, nutrition, health and wellness for your animal companion.

Because a truly good diet, and health care regimen, when approached holistically is…

  • Your dog’s and cat’s best defense against infections, other illness, insects and parasites, chronic disease and injury
  • Of prime importance in treating and remedying health issues
  • Of prime importance for mental and physical health and longevity
  • An amazing tool to mitigate and/or eliminate dependency on conventional drugs
  • A invaluable way to save you heart ache and copious amounts of money thrown away on avoidable health issues, and  unnecessary, inappropriate and/or ineffective treatments prescribed by some veterinarians
  • Read more on Health 101 – for Canines and Felines

Getting Started is Simple

Just click on the button below to view cost and payment information for the service you are interested in. Please note all services are available globally except the in-person session. In person sessions are available only in my local region.

Phone Consultation

Phone Consultation

Phone Consultation

Phone Consultation

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