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Holistic Diet Nutrition Wellness Plans for Dogs and Cats

Holistic Diet Nutrition Wellness Plans – Dogs, Cats

Holistic Diet Nutrition Wellness Plans for Dogs, Cats

For Puppies, Adult Dogs and Senior Dogs, For Kittens and Cats

A comprehensive custom-made guide designed to suit yours and your companion’s needs…

  1. Main diet with best fit options that respect your personal situation.
    • i.e. your dog’s needs balanced with lifestyle and associated constraints as pertains to your personal situation.
  2. Supplementation as required to best support health.
    • Food
    • Supplemental food
    • Herbs.
    • Alternative medicine.
    • Detailed guidance: dosage instructions, cautions, interactions as applicable.
  3. Guidance on specific natural topical treatments.
  4. Guidance regarding health care regimen.
  5. Related reference material.

Holistic Support To Suit Your Situation

  1. Get your puppy or cat off to a good start in life.
  2. Holistic support for healthy dogs and cats.
  3. Avoid  development of chronic health conditions.
  4. Physically active dogs (agility, fly ball etc.) that require enhanced support for muscle and ligament health etc.
  5. Dogs and cats with health issues:
    1. Natural support for overall health.
    2. Natural treatment of health issues and conditions.
    3. Reduce or stop reliance on conventional drugs: antibiotics, NSAIDs, non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs etc.
    4. Support and speed healing of wounds.
  6. Dogs and cats with anxiety issues; naturally support serotonin , gut and brain function.

2. Example Holistic Diet Nutrition Wellness Plan eBooks

  1. Healthy Pet Diet Nutrition Wellness Plan
    • Designed to support overall health
  2. Active Dog Diet Nutrition Wellness Plan
    • Designed to support  good overall health.
    • Joint support for agility, fly ball etc
  3. Treatment of Short Term Health Issues
    • Support overall health
    • Address short-term health issues. For example:
      • Healing and Recovery
        • Post surgery
        • Wounds
        • etc
  4. Chronic Health Conditions
    • Support overall health
    • Treatment, management, remedy as applicable for specific health conditions, for example
    1. Allergies
      1. Food
      2. Environment
      3. Fleas
      4. Drugs
    2. Arthritis and related conditions
    3. Bacterial, fungal, yeast infections, i.e.
      1. Ears
      2. Eyes
      3. Paws
      4. Pyometra (open)
      5. Skin
      6. Etc.
    4. Cancer
      1. Supportive cancer fighting diet and supplementation
      2. Offset effects of chemo, radiation
    5. Dental, Oral Care
      1. Routine Care and Maintenance
      2. Periodontal disease
      3. Gingivitis – inflamed and bleeding gums
      4. Tooth infections
      5. Etc.
    6. Diabetes
    7. Digestive and Gastrointestinal Tract Issues
      1. Acid-Reflux (Gerd)
      2. Diarrhea acute and chronic
      3. GI Tract chronic conditions
      4. Etc.
    8. Eye health and issues
    9. Fatty Lipomas
    10. Heart health and issues
    11. Kidney health and issues
    12. Liver health and issues
    13. Lymph Node inflammation
    14. Natural Insect and Parasite Prevention
    15. Pancreatitis
    16. Skin Issues
    17. Urinary Tract Issues, i.e.
      1. Bladder and Kidney crystals and stones
      2. Urinary Tract Infections
      3. etc
    18. Weight
      1. Gain
      2. Loss
    19. Etc

3. Get Started. It’s Simple!

Send me an email. Briefly describe the issue you require assistance with. 

For this initial email, just keep your description to a few sentences. 

You can email me at karen@ottawavalleydogwhisperer.ca

  1. I will let you now what additional information I require from you. 
  2. I will provide you with a quotation.
  3. Once you pay for your Plan, I will provide you with a date of completion. 
  4. When your Plan is complete, I email your Plan to you.

4. Cost and Payment

For information on cost and payment options go continue reading here.

5. This Service is Available Worldwide

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