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Dog Training Tip – Be Consistent, What Does Consistency Really Mean?

‘Be Consistent’, does this dog training tip sound familiar? Do you think you know what is meant by ‘be consistent’? You might be surprised by the answer…

One of the most common directions given to dog owners by dog trainers is ‘be consistent’. But what does ‘be consistent’ and consistency really mean? Is ‘consistent’ defined as: 1) ‘Do the same thing and enforce the same rules all the time? 2) Use the same words, same hand commands each and every time? 3) Always ‘reward’ the desired behavior and never reward undesired behavior? 3a) As soon as your dog did something right give him/her a treat and/or voice praise? 3b) ‘Punish your dog if he/she did something ‘wrong’? or 5) Always ignore your dog if he/she does something ‘bad’? Does this all sound familiar? Is this all there is to consistency? Have you tried using some or all of the above and your success rate was less than what you desired? Or maybe your dog does as requested but only when treats are offered. What do you do when out and about and you have forgotten to bring treats…read more here 

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