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Dog Training – Remember to Employ Comparative Logic

To understand the potential negative impacts of a training approach all one has to do is put that approach into human terms. By that I mean what would happen if you adopted the approach with another human? Well lets take a look at a few examples…

If You Choose the Alpha Approach

You Will:

  1. Trigger a fight with the person you are looking to dominate, or;
  2. You will end-up undermining the other person’s self-confidence.

In either case you are behaving like a bully and you are adversely affecting the other person. You have chosen a training approach and method that does not support normal or  healthy behavior.

If You Choose Treats as Your Primary Method of Approach

  1. The other human will learn that they should be rewarded for every normal thing that they do;
    1. If a reward is not offered he / she may choose not to do anything as the motivation to perform the requested action is no longer offered;
    2. He/she may hold-out until he/she receives a reward and if the reward is not available (i.e. you forgot the treat, ran out of treat  supplies, etc.) he/she may dig- in and refuse to participate, or may participate by throwing a tantrum;
    3. He / she may become frustrated and maladjusted as what is offered does not teach coping skills;
  2. In addition, if you are using unhealthy treats you can trigger  oral health issues, weight gain and a myriad of other health issues.

You have chosen a training approach and method that does not support normal or  healthy behavior.

Remember to Employ Pure Logic

Domination (the ‘alpha thing’) and the use of rewards (bribery) are both tactics not  generally used by dogs to communicate to and teach each other coping and  life skills. The way that we choose to approach a situation can inspire positive learning accompanied by a positive outcome or negative learning resulting in a negative outcome – pure logic.

“If your actions inspire others to dream, to learn more, to do more and be more, you are a leader”
– John Quincy Adams

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