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Dog Training Kingston - In your home session with the Ottawa Valley Dog Whisperer, Dog Behaviourist

Dog Training Kingston

Dog Training Kingston – I offer, comprehensive in your home, in-person dog obedience training, and dog behaviour modification sessions for residents of Kingston and area. The Ottawa Valley Dog Whisperer – helping you and your dog enjoy the best of life in historic Kingston, Ontario…

Dog Training Sessions – Obedience Training

My dog training sessions cover all aspects of typical daily life with your dog. I teach you to observe and understand, communicate and direct, support and guide. My methods are understood and respected by young puppies, teenage, adult, senior dogs and dogs with physical challenges such as deafness and blindness – because my way is a natural way that aligns with a dog’s way.

A psychologically well-adjusted dog compels obedience in other dogs by communicating effectively without force, without treats – obedience inspired by example, firmly rooted in pure, natural logic. Do as I do, be as I am. Treats or other material rewards are not part of that natural experience. The reward is life as it should be – normal, safe, comfortable; obedience that supports stability, adaptability and long-term confidence. Peace, warm joy – companionship.

Dog training requires; intelligence – dogs have that in abundance; good communication skills – dogs naturally have that; observational skills, insight, empathy and logic – dogs have that. My focus is on teaching you because when directed properly your dog instinctively understands – and what can be accomplished is amazing! No treat-training, no force-training, no clickers, no e-collars, no prong collars, no special harnesses, etc. – just you, your dog and natural wisdom…

For more information on my Dog Training Kingston in your home sessions – you can go here and then contact me to set-up your session.

Behaviour Modification Sessions

Behaviour modification is essential for puppies and dogs that are starting to present signs of insecurity. Insecurity fosters anxiety. Anxiety unaddressed or ineffectively addressed can lead to the development of over-reactivity in which a puppy or dog may begin to develop one or more unhealthy behaviours. Behaviours such as separation anxiety; fear of animate and inanimate objects, places, sounds; intense play bordering on aggression or ‘bullying’; lack of respect for space as a shared entity, lack of respect for you or others; begging, counter surfing, nipping, early stages of aggressive reactivity and more.

My behaviour modification sessions focus on establishing a solid connection of attention, trust, and respect between you and your dog. I work with you to put structure in-place to build yours and your dog’s confidence. True leadership is dependent on insightful communication, comprehensive understanding, good decision making, appropriate and timely guidance.

Culturing an honest and mutually supportive partnership between dog and human – designed to put the peace and joy back in your relationship, naturally. Behaviour modification based on natural wisdom… Psychological rehabilitation is necessary when a puppy’s or dog’s behaviour has escalated to states of high-intensity where normal thresholds of inhibition have been crossed. Your dog may have extreme separation anxiety – may shred and destroy objects, toys, blankets, doors, drywall; your dog may be aggressive reactive to the point of lunging, attacking and biting animate and inanimate objects. Your dog may be so frightened that he/she recoils and hides or barks at every sound or movement. Your dog may be obsessive.

For more information on my Dog Behaviour Modification Training Kingston Sessions- you can go here and then contact me to set-up your session.

Dog Psychological Rehabilitation Sessions

In a psychological rehabilitation dog training session with me I will work with you to repair the psychological trauma. I will explain to you what has happened to get you were you are today. I will teach you how to understand, effectively communicate and guide your dog. I will provide you with the knowledge and tools to move forward. I will work with your dog to establish trust. Every dog is an individual – I will assess what works best for your dog and yourself by actively working through issues and situations. I will then teach you the techniques and guide you as you learn how to do what you have watched me do.

A comprehensive, logical, natural process that ensures a better way forward – based on natural wisdom…

For more information on my Dog Psychological Rehabilitation Training Kingston Sessions – you can go here and then contact me to set-up your session.

Holistic Dog and Cat Wellness

Your dog’s and Cat’s inherited genetics help to determine your pet’s health. You can’t control inherited genetics but you can control the other half of the health equation – diet, nutrition and health regimen. A holistic, appropriate diet and health care regimen is a dog’s natural defence against insects and parasites, viruses, illness, infections, chronic and inflammatory diseases that are so prevalent in today’s canine population. The pet industry (food, grooming products, pharmaceuticals) are directly responsible for the rapid rise in illness and the shortening of life span seen in dogs today.

A well designed diet supports mental stability. A poorly designed diet has negative impacts on mental health and can contribute to and even trigger behavioural issues such as – inability to focus, anxiety, hyper activity, depression and aggression.

If you have a dog or cat that is suffering from a temporary or chronic health condition – by adopting a truly holistic approach to diet, nutrition, supplementation, natural treatment with herbs and nutraceuticals you can speed healing, reverse or reduce symptoms of chronic conditions without the adverse side effects of conventional drugs such as antibiotics and steroids.

My holistic wellness services offer you access to informed, unbiased advice, holistic and comprehensive diet nutrition wellness plans and sessions to support the physical and mental health of your dog, and your cat – naturally.

For more information on my Holistic Dog and Cat Wellness services you can go here and then contact me to engage my holistic pet services.