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Diet Nutrition Care Sessions


  1. Sessions Offered
  2. Getting started is Simple
  3. In-Person, On-Site (in your home) Sessions
  4. Phone Sessions
  5. Locations Service is Available

Perfect for People That Want to Learn…

  • Read and understand product labels – listed and hidden ingredients
  • Select truly good foods and health care products
  • Learn how to create a healthy balanced diet
  • Learn simple holistic at home care
  • Followed-up with reading and reference material (by email) to reinforce what we went through in your session.

1. Sessions Offered

  1. Shopping With You
    • Healthy Food, Supplements, Health Care Products for Your Dog
  2. Creating With You
    • Make a Balanced Healthy Homemade Diet for Your Dog
  3. Caring With You
    • Learn Simple Holistic at Home Care for Your Dog –  Diet, Nutrition, Wellness

2. Getting Started is Simple

Send me an email or give me a quick call so that you can provide me with a brief explanation of the item or issue you would like me to address for you.

  1. I will let you now if I require any additional information from you
  2. Once you have provided the  information I can provide you with a cost quotation
  3. Once you have paid, a date / time for your session can be secured

3. In-Person, On-Site Sessions

  • For information go here
  • For locations where my In-person, On-site Sessions are available  go here
  • For cost and payment information go here

4. Phone Sessions

5. Locations Service is Available

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