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Detailed Written Prescriptive

In order to determine if a detailed written prescriptive is appropriate to address your needs please *contact me prior to making *payment.

I will ask you to respond to a simple series of questions which will allow me to assess your situation, determine the best method of consultation for you and associated fees.

Detailed written prescriptives are custom designed to suit each client’s unique situation.

1.0 Payment Options

  • For Clients in the USA:
    • Payment is made by Credit Card using PayPal
    • Due to the strength of the US dollar (USD funds) your actual cost is lower  as costs listed below are in Canadian dollars – CDN funds.
    • To calculate your savings you can go here >> to see the current daily value of the US dollar vs. the Canadian dollar.
    • When you click on the ‘pay now’ button for your assigned Plan, PayPal automatically converts your payment into Canadian funds.
    • A PayPal administration fee of 4.5% will be added at check-out.
  •  For Clients in Asia, Australia, Europe, New Zealand, UK, UAE, South America, Central America, etc.:
    • Payment is made by Credit Card using PayPal
    • When you click on the ‘pay now’ button for your assigned Plan, PayPal automatically converts your payment into Canadian funds.
    • You do not have to worry about converting your dollar to Canadian dollars.
    • A PayPal administration fee of 4.5% will be added at check-out.
  • For Clients in Canada
    • You have the option of paying via PayPal or by email money transfer – if you want to pay via email money transfer just let me know – I will provide you with a security password.
    • If you are paying by PayPal a 4.5% PayPal administration fee will be added at check-out.

Written Prescriptive – Pay Now via Pay Pal…

Prescriptive 1
Detailed Written Prescriptive
Prescriptive 1a
Detailed Written Prescriptive
Prescriptive 2
Detailed Written Prescriptive
Prescriptive 2a
Detailed Written Prescriptive
Prescriptive 3
Detailed Written Prescriptive
Prescriptive 3a
Detailed Written Prescriptive
Prescriptive 4
Detailed Written Prescriptive
Prescriptive 4a
Detailed Written Prescriptive
Prescriptive 5
Detailed Written Prescriptive
Prescriptive 5a
Detailed Written Prescriptive
Prescriptive 6
Detailed Written Prescriptive
Prescriptive 6a
Detailed Written Prescriptive
Prescriptive 7
Detailed Written Prescriptive
Prescriptive 7a
Detailed Written Prescriptive
Prescriptive 8
Detailed Written Prescriptive
Prescriptive 8a
Detailed Written Prescriptive

2.0 Detailed Written Prescriptive Service Policy Notes

2.1 Support – Initial, Ongoing and After Receipt of Detailed Written Prescriptive

  • If you require initial, or ongoing support prior to completion of your prescriptive let me know. I will asses how much time you require. You can then go here >> to purchase email consultation time, or here >> to purchase phone consultation time.
  • If your situation suddenly becomes urgent – after you have paid for and before your detailed written prescriptive is scheduled for completion, and you need my to assistance right away, you may choose to apply the fee you have paid for your prescriptive for your emergency consultation time with me. When the emergency is resolved, your dog or cat is stabilized and you are ready to move forward with the prescriptive, you will need to pay the portion of the prescriptive funds that you expended on emergency consultation with me. I will advise you of the payment required, prior to starting or continuing the actual prescriptive. For after-hours (6:00 pm EST to 8:59 am) consultation, emergency hour fees apply. Emergency hour fees are 2 times (2x) regular hour fees.

3.2 Time Frame – From Payment to Completion of Prescriptive

Typical time from payment to completion of prescriptive ranges from a day up to three to four weeks depending on your circumstances and my schedule.

Once payment is received I provide you with an actual date of completion.

Your completed Detailed Written Prescriptive will be sent to you by email.

3.3 Important Notes – please read…

I DO NOT sell products (food, treats, supplements, medicines, health care supplies etc.), nor am I affiliated with any company that sells products. This is a deliberate decision on my part so I can remain 100% objective, ethical and truly focused on selecting the best options and solutions for your situation.

Refunds and Administration Fees

*If you do not contact me prior to paying, or if you pay an amount that is not authorized first by me [Karen Rosenfeld, Ottawa Valley Dog Whisperer], I reserve the right to charge you a **minimum of 25% CDN administrative fee on refunds.

*If, for any reason you request a refund on any payment or part of, I reserve the right to charge you a **minimum of 25% CDN administration fee.

**I reserve the right to charge you more than the minimum administration charge.