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Consultations via Skype, or FaceTime

Skype Consultation - Ottawa Valley Dog Whisperer

Consultations via Skype, or FaceTime, or facebook voice or video for Behavior and Diet Nutrition Wellness support…

1. Request a Skype or FaceTime or Facebook Consultation 

  1. Send me an email or give me a quick call so you can provide me with a brief explanation of the issue you would like to have addressed.
    1. Make sure you include where you are located – Country + State, Province or Region as applicable.
    2. I will review your information, and let you know if I require any additional information from you.
    3. I will provide you with estimated cost for your consultation.

2. Consultation Cost Options

For information on consultation cost options go here.

3. Pay for Your Consultation Time

To pay for your consultation time go here.

4. Coordinate Consultation Time

  1. Once you have paid for your consultation time I will then coordinate with you to establish a time for the consultation to take place.
  2. I will require your contact information – please make sure you email this to me.

5. Consultation Follow-Up

If you are doing a full  session with me (i.e. of several hours in length) for behavior issues, etc., after the session (i.e. later that day, the following day etc. as per my current client schedule), you may require after session written instructions. Time is charged at my standard hourly rates.

6. Available Consultation Services

To see a full list of consultations offered go here.

7. This Service is Available In The Following Locations