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  • How to Choose a Good Omega-3 Fish Oil for Your Dog, Cat

    Fish Oil is supposed to be good for your dog’s and cat’s health, but is it really? Understanding the difference between a good quality product and a poor quality product is essential to your pet’s health. But don’t make your decision on what product to purchase based on price or popularity as you may find yourself deceived at best and your pet’s health threatened at worst…

How to Choose a Good Omega-3 Fish Oil for Your Dog, Cat

Knowing how to chose a good omega-3 fish-oil for your dog and cat is critical as not all fish oil products are beneficial or safe. The pet industry leverages the ‘Omega factor’ to market pet food products and supplements. Omega-3 fatty acids are the body’s and brain’s natural anti-inflammatory – essential for overall health. Manufacturers know that the general public has ‘heard’ that Omega-3 fatty acids are important for pet health, and they know that most people don’t have further insight into the subject. This gap in knowledge provides the manufacturer with a perfect opportunity to up-sell product that is of second or even third rate quality. Poor quality fish oil will contribute to your dog’s and cat’s toxic burden – hampering his/her immune system and overworking his/her renal system…

To support you in choosing the best Omega-3 fish oil product for your dog and cat – First, Let’s Tackle How to Select a Quality Fish Oil, after that we will Reel-In the Scoop on Farm Raised Fish and then I will help you ensure a perfect Catch of the Health Benefits for your dog and cat – you can read the full article here

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