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why does my dog do that?

Why Dogs Eat Poop, Stool Eating – Coprophagia in Dogs

why dogs eat poop - coprophagia in dogs

If you have ever seen your dog eat poop you may have a) been disgusted and, b) wondered why your dog decided to consume such a seemingly unappealing substance. There are many reasons why a dog may decide to eat his/her own poop, another dog’s poop or the poop of another animal species. The reasons way a dog consumes poop …

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Dog Crotch Sniffing – Why and What To Do

why does my dog crotch sniff

Well, it’s really simple, once you root around a bit… One – If you start by observing how two dogs (who have not been taught not to be dogs!) greet each other…they do so with their noses. They sniff each others rear ends. Two – A dog’s noise is its most powerful sense – more so than their hearing, and …

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Why Dogs Eat Grass

why dogs eat grass

Tasha, Abby, Jordie, Stevie and Zoey on a grass coffee break   IF YOU SEE YOUR DOG EATING GRASS…   Don’t be alarmed if you see your dog eating grass. Grass isn’t bad for canines and the fact that they are eating grass is not an indication that they are ill. Sometimes I think I am living with a herd …

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Itching and Scratching in Dogs

why does my dog scratch

When a dog is scratching itself constantly, the source of the itch, rash, etc. may be the result of:  An infestation of fleas;  A reaction to another type of bug bite or even insect eggs that have been laid by a bug just under the first layer of skin; Allergies to food or pesticides present in food stuffs; Seasonal or …

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Do Dogs Smile

do dogs smile

My German Shepherd x Malamute ‘Jordie’…yes, he is smiling! Do  dogs smile? Yes! FOR MANY YEARS I HAVE WATCHED MY DOGS EXPRESS MANY STATES OF BEING IN THE EXPRESSIONS ON THEIR FACE… happiness, concern, concentration, pain, tension, consternation…yep! And much more. My German Shepherd x Husky ‘Sarah’ – definitely a smile on that face! Does my certainty that dogs do …

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