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On-Line Services Pet Diet, Nutrition, Care Product Advice

On-line Services for Pet Diet, Nutrition, Product Advise

Holistic Pet Diet Nutrition Health and Wellness Advice This on-line consultation service is available world wide. Holistic advice to maintain your dogs and cats health. Holistic treatment for your dogs and cats health issues and conditions. Food. Supplemental foods. Herbs. Alternative medicines. Topical treatments. Health regimen. Custom designed holistic diet nutrition health and wellness plans. Specifically selected and tailored to …

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On-Line Services Holistic Dog, Cat, Diet Wellness Plans

Holistic Dog, Cat, Diet Nutrition Wellness Plans

Holistic Diet Nutrition Wellness Plans for Dogs, Cats For Puppies, Adult Dogs and Senior Dogs, For Kittens and Cats A comprehensive custom-made guide designed to suit yours and your companion’s needs… Main diet with best fit options that respect your personal situation. i.e. your dog’s needs balanced with lifestyle and associated constraints as pertains to your personal situation. Supplementation as …

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On-Line Services Dog Behaviour Modification

on-line services dog behaviour modification

Dog and Puppy Behavior Modification on-line sessions Having a difficult time dealing with your puppy’s or dog’s behavior?  You’ve already done dog obedience training elsewhere?   You need… Behavior Modification Training for puppies and dogs experiencing medium intensity behavior issues. To find out more continue reading here. Behavior Modification Sessions available worldwide via… 📞 Phone 📱 FaceTime 📱 FaceBook video or …

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On-Line Services Dog, Canine Psychological Rehabilitation

On-Line Services - Dog Psychological Rehabilitation

Dog and Puppy Psychological Rehabilitation on-line sessions Is your puppy or dog experiencing: High intensity behavior?  Insecurity leading to anxious behaviors? Obsessive behavior ? Aggressive-reactive behavior resulting in biting? You need… Psychological Rehabilitation for dogs experiencing high intensity to red-zone (over-threshold) behavior issues. To find out more continue reading here. Psychological Rehabilitation Sessions available worldwide via… 📞 Phone 📱 FaceTime …

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