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Dog, Cat Shampoo, Rinses – Natural, Organic, DIY

Despite the fact that a manufacturer may label and advertise a shampoo for dogs or cats as safe, all-natural or organic does not mean that the product is actually safe, organic or natural. While a product may contain one or more safe ingredients it may also include multiple toxic/carcinogenic ingredients. In addition it is important to note that many commercial flea …

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Dog, Cat Shampoo – Unsafe, Harmful Ingredients

Dogs are exposed to so many toxins and carcinogens these days. Every additional unsafe ingredient we expose our dogs to creates a heavier toxic load on our dog’s system.  Talking about unsafe ingredients in pet shampoo may seem trivial if you only bath your dog once in a blue-moon…but it is best to remember that you should look at toxic …

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Dog, Cat Toothpaste, Oral Rinse – Dangerous Ingredients

Choosing a Good Toothpaste and Oral Rinse for Your Dog an Cat Brushing your dog’s and cat’s teeth on a daily basis, or at least several times a week; and or use of an oral rinse on your dog’s or cat’s mouth is a task that you hope will help to maintain your companion animals good health…but what if the …

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Dog, Cat Sore Infected Paws – Natural Home Remedies

In this article: Typical Reasons Why Paw and Skin Irritations Occur Recipes for Foot and Body Soaks and Rinses Why You Should Resist Putting Your Dog or Cat on Steroids and NSAIDs Natural Alternatives to Steroids and NSAIDs Understanding Food Allergies Natural Remedies and Treatments, Diets To Resolve Food Allergies 1.0 Typical Reasons Why Paw and Skin Irritations Occur Dogs …

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