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Homemade Coconut Oil Herbal Toothpaste for Dogs and Cats

Homemade Coconut Oil Herbal Toothpaste Dogs Cats

DIY recipe for homemade coconut oil herbal toothpaste for dogs and cats combines the natural goodness of coconut oil, turmeric, stevia, kelp and grapefruit seed extract. This toothpaste works hard to kill bad bacteria that cause plaque, and bad breath. The ingredients also aid in dissolving plaque, while reducing inflammation of the gums. Health promoting and healing, simply natural, simply …

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Choose Safe Dental Chews for Your Dog

Having something safe to chew can fulfill multiple requirements for your dog… Provides enjoyment; Exercises teeth gums and jaw; Helps remove plaque; Satisfies a dog’s natural need to chew; Provides an outlet to expend energy; Helps prevent boredom; And for puppies, helps sooth itchy gums during teething. There are many different types of chews that you can select from. Your …

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Dog Oral Health and Whole Foods

A dog’s genetics help to determine the strength of their teeth and bones. Some dogs have naturally strong teeth, while others have chalky, softer teeth. While all dogs require sufficient oral health-supporting vitamins and minerals in their daily diet – some dogs may require more than the average quantity to ensure good oral health is maintained.   Although commercial dog kibble …

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Dental Care for Dogs and Cats – Natural, Herbal, Home Remedies, Treatments

In this article… 1. Natural Care of Gums, Mouth, Teeth 2. Review of Oral Health Benefits – Herbs and Nutraceuticals 3. Regular Maintenance Gum Treatments – support good oral health 4. Tooth paste – Natural Herbal Recipes 5. Bleeding Gums, Infected Teeth – Natural Treatments 6. Oral  Rinse, Mouth Was Recipes 7. Plaque Softener Recipes 8. Foods, Herbs that Fight …

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Prevent Periodontal (Gum) Disease in Dogs, Cats

Good oral hygiene for dogs is best achieved by implementing a multi-directional approach. This type of approach ensures that you are protecting your dog’s teeth, gums, ligaments and jaw – directly and indirectly.  When we protect directly we ensure that the dog’s teeth are kept as clean as possible;  When we protect indirectly we are ensuring that the dog’s natural …

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