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Trichinosis Prevention in Dogs, Cats – Domestic and Wild Game Diet

Trichinosis Prevention for Dogs, Cats

Trichinosis Prevention in Dogs, Cats – Domestic and Wild Game Diet, no need to fear the Raw Diet Trichinosis prevention in dogs, cats – domestic and wild game diet is a simple matter of understanding which meat to use, avoid, and best preparation methods for incorporating into a raw diet or gently cooked diet. Trichinosis – What Is It? Trichinosis …

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Homemade Natural Bug Repellent for Dogs, Cats

All-Natural Bug Repellant balm recipe for dogs and cats

Make your own homemade natural bug repellent for dogs, cats, puppies and kittens. This bug repellent is a balm you can make at home – made with coconut oil, essential oils or hydrosols using the recipe below… To Make the Insect Repellent Balm You Will Need… A small glass, china or porcelain container with a lid To avoid transfer of …

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Dog (cat) Care – Foods to Repel Fleas, Ticks, Mosquitos

In this article: Supplementary Food Stuffs That: You can add to your dog’s and cat’s daily diet to help your companion animal’s immune system and body naturally repel insects and parasites; Fight infestations of insects, parasites, and; Associated diseases; Apple Cider Vinegar – Organic, unpasteurized Beets, Carrots and/or Turnip Coconut Oil Garlic Honey – organic, raw, unpasteurized Kelp Lemon Omega-3 …

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Natural Dewormers for Dogs, Cats

In this article: How to keep your dog’s or cat’s immune system strong – a strong immune system is your companion animal’s natural defence against parasites; Foods to include in your dog’s or cat’s diet to support deworming; DIY natural, herbal, homeopathic dewormers. Conventional dewormers use chemcial-based pesticides that contain toxins and carcinogens. By using natural, herbal, homeopathic dewormers you …

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Homemade Natural Insect Repellent for Dogs, Cats

In this article: Recipes to make your own all natural, non-toxic, herbal and homeopathic flea, tick, mosquito:  Repellent topical sprays; Rubs; Dips;  Rinse; Collar Drops Spot-on Drops 1.0 Sprays 1.1 Fresh Lemon Spray (for cats and dogs) Fresh lemons and water make an excellent non-toxic easy to make mosquito spray with a refreshing scent. See the recipe here. 1.2 Almond, …

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