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How to Crate Train Your Puppy, Dog – Tips for Success

A Guide to Crate Training Puppies and Dogs

Introduce and familiarize your puppy or dog to a crate the right way your dog will not fear or take a disliking to the crate. The crate will not be associated with anxiety and stress… Introducing, Familiarizing Your Dog with His/Her Crate  Encourage Your Dog to Explore the Crate On His/Her Own When first introducing your puppy or dog to …

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How to Stop Your Dog from Eating Poop – Stools, Coprophagia

how to stop your dog from eating poop

First it is important to identify why your dog is eating poop – also called stool eating or coprophagia. Understanding why your puppy or dog is eating poop will help you identify the most appropriate strategy for correcting the situation. You can do a quick analysis by going here. My approach is a holistic approach. By making sure you address …

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Puppy Training Tips – Socializing Children and Puppies

In this article… 1) Key Issues and Awareness; 2) How to Create a Healthy, Mutually Respectful  Relationship When working with clients, their children and their puppy this is a topic that I always make sure I address thoroughly.  When a family engages me – within in the first few weeks of acquiring a puppy, I can make sure that the …

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For a Puppy that has never walked on a leash before this is pretty normal behaviour…so don’t panic and don’t get frustrated!  I mean, what would you do if some one put a collar around your neck and tried to tug you…uh huh, now you see, I’d dig my heels in and shut down too! I have had to show …

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