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Dog Crotch Sniffing – Why and What To Do

why does my dog crotch sniff

Well, it’s really simple, once you root around a bit… One – If you start by observing how two dogs (who have not been taught not to be dogs!) greet each other…they do so with their noses. They sniff each others rear ends. Two – A dog’s noise is its most powerful sense – more so than their hearing, and …

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Dog Chewing – Unwanted Chewing, Destructive Chewing

Robbie my Pit Bull x Boxer chewing a stick on the trail DOGS CHEW FOR MANY REASONS… Puppies Puppies, just like human babies get itchy sore gums when their teeth are growing in. Chewing also helps to remove loose teeth (which can be very uncomfortable) so adult teeth can grow in. You can provide a few seconds of temporary relief …

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Crate Training and Your Dog, Puppy

It has been my experience, that when we (humans) take a dislike to the whole idea of crating, it is an emotion based reaction. I know that when I first started enjoying the companionship of dogs I thought that putting a dog in a crate was an awful and unnecessary thing to do. That was a long time ago.  Robbie, …

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How to Greet Your Dog

MOST OF US HAVE BEEN TAUGHT  from a very early age to react with excitement when we see a puppy or a ‘cute’ adult dog. In keeping with this our habitual reaction is to walk up to the dog with intense excitement, talk in a very excited manner and touch the dog in an excited way. Great fun for us …

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