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Understanding the Psychology of Dogs – Learn the Basics

understanding the psychology of dogs - learn the basics

Understanding the psychology of dogs – learn the basics so you can understand the profound ways that we (humans) affect our dog’s mind and behaviour. I  invite you to step into a world of positive growth, for your dog, for yourself. What we get right. What we misinterpret. What we get completely wrong, and how to better understand and direct …

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Dog Training Tip – Be Consistent, What Does Consistency Really Mean?

Dog Training Tip - Be Consistent, What Does Consistency Really Mean?

‘Be Consistent’, does this dog training tip sound familiar? Do you think you know what is meant by ‘be consistent’? You might be surprised by the answer… One of the most common directions given to dog owners by dog trainers is ‘be consistent’. But what does ‘be consistent’ and consistency really mean? Is ‘consistent’ defined as: 1) ‘Do the same thing …

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Communication 101 – Canines and Humans

Canine body language

Dogs are very insightful communicators – much more so than the average human. Because dogs can sense and discern to a degree that exceeds that of an untrained human, it does not matter what you say as much as what you feel. How you feel at any one given moment instantaneously transmits itself to: Your body in the form of …

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Establishing Pack Leadership 101 – be your dog’s packleader

The Basic Tools of Leadership Psychology 101 Communication 101 Patience 101 Logic 101 Behavior 101 Leadership Is… Being that thing first that you want your dog to be – attentive, aware, calm, grounded, patient, respectful – comfortable, confident and normal. Observe a dog interacting with another dog. Dogs that are psychologically well balanced dogs – not anxious, reactive, fearful etc. …

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How to Stop Your Dogs From Fighting

how to stop your dogs from fighting

On a Trail Walk with Part of My Own Dog Pack To stop your dogs from fighting many elements need to be addressed… If you have no prior experience with this sort of behavior and suddenly find yourself in the midst of a dog fight it can be a very stressful experience. When we add our stress to the situation …

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