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Reduce Dog Anxiety – Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Dog Training Tip for Reducing Anxiety

Anxiety is a very serious and increasingly common issue in dogs – in-fact it has become an epidemic issue.  Anxiety when left unaddressed or when addressed in the wrong way can quickly increase in intensity. Anxiety may take many forms, separation anxiety, fear of unfamiliar inanimate or animate objects, sounds, weather – i.e. thunderstorms, or insecurity leading to aggressive-reactive behaviour. …

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Dog Separation Anxiety and Doggie Prozac

Resolving Dog Separation Anxiety

CAN SEPARATION ANXIETY BE SAFELY TREATED or EVEN CURED BY USING DRUGS (SSRIS)? THE ANSWER IS NO! I do not recommend the use of anti-depressant SSRIs (i.e. Reconcile) for dogs. Reconcile is actually Prozac. Prozac/Reconcile: Will NOT cure separation anxiety, or any other anxiety for that matter; Has many and serious, including lethal side effects; Actually induces many of the …

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Dog Licks Excessively – Teach Limits

Dog Training Tips - Dog Licks Excessively

I let my dogs lick my face, as long as… A –  I have invited them to do so; B – They are not in an overly excited state; C –  They have not been eating anything disgusting; D – They lick in a respectful manner and know when to stop! It is normal, healthy expression of joy and affection …

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Understanding Dog Aggression – Avoid Creating Aggression

Dog Behaviour Tips - Understanding Dog Aggression

The most common types of aggressive-reactive behaviour in dogs result from the dog being… A – Insecure, nervous, tense, fear based reactivity; B – Bullying, dominating reactivity. When these psychological conditions noted above are not addressed and resolved a dog may become: Fearful reactive-aggressive, or; Defensive reactive-aggressive, or; Offensive reactive-aggressive. Some typical signs of these behaviors are: Fearful reactive-aggressive – …

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Curing Your Dog's Motion Sickness

The only way to cure motion sickness is to face the situation head-on, do not avoid – if you avoid taking your dog in the car because of motion sickness your dog will never normalize the experience. Patience, determination, repetition is the only way to cure this condition.    My dog, Jordie (a German Shepherd x Alaskan Malamute) is an …

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