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Dealing with Anxiety in Dogs – What Works, What Doesn’t

Anxiety in Dogs - Behaviour Modification

In this article… Loving Dog Owners – the Vulnerable Consumer Trained to Trust not to Question… A question that I am often asked – ‘Are you familiar with the Thundershirt? Understanding Limitations Setting Expectations Commercially Available Products – Can They, Do They Really Help Remedying Root Cause v.s the Band Aid Approach Dogs acquire chronic anxiety for many reasons and …

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Stress, Anxiety, Aggression in Dogs – Signs, Symptoms, Treatment

Stress Anxiety Aggression in Dogs

In this article… Typical Causes of Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Aggression  in Dogs; Typical Signs of Stress in Dogs; Long-Term Stress is a Health Threatening Condition The Use of Conventional Chemical-Based Drugs to Control Stress Other Products that Claim to Solve Stress and Anxiety Diet Can Create and/or Exacerbate Stress or Help to Alleviate Stress Herbs Can Help Too Better Communication …

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Hyper Active Dog, Anxious Dog – Heightened Sensitivity

Dog Behaviour Modification Hyper Active Dogs

My highly sensitive very dear, sweet Boxer x Pit Bull boy Robbie – who wasn’t so sweet when he arrived in my pack, he was a badly misunderstood dog and an abused dog… All dogs are intelligent, sensitive beings, but some dogs have an even more acute sensitivity and intelligence – these dogs are what I call ‘Heightened Sensitivity’ Dogs …

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Are Dogs Smarter Than Humans

canine intelligence - human intelligence

I would have to say that in may situations dogs are smarter than humans – dogs have an intelligence that exceeds and defies many modern day humans…and within this concept resides the real key to understanding and training your dog… Base and Refined Intelligence – Humans & Dog The First Intelligence, as I see it operates in the absence of …

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Dog Training Tips – Teach the Release, Leave-it Command

Dog Training - learn the leave it command

So the first concept you need to understand is… If you enter a situation with an attitude that embodies ire, tension and/or forcefulness most humans are not going to want to comply with what you want, unless of course you threaten them with a weapon – the same is so for a dog.  If you go in to the situation …

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