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How To Stop Your Dog From Chasing Your Cat

Teach your dog not to chase your cat

Robbie and Tibby weren’t always best friends – Robbie just needed some coaching to get there!   IF YOU DO NOT WANT YOUR DOG TO CHASE YOUR CAT…you have to disagree with the behaviour consistently and pro-actively. The methodology below is also relevant to stop your dog from chasing your rabbit, guinea pig, ferret… One – Make sure you are …

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How to Stop Your Dogs From Fighting

how to stop your dogs from fighting

On a Trail Walk with Part of My Own Dog Pack To stop your dogs from fighting many elements need to be addressed… If you have no prior experience with this sort of behavior and suddenly find yourself in the midst of a dog fight it can be a very stressful experience. When we add our stress to the situation …

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Dog Possessive, Obsessive of People

Dog Training Tips - Preventing possessive obsessive behaviour

Robbie my Pit Bull x Boxer and me! Partnership, not ownership A common concern of my client’s is that their dog is guarding/owning them. This is a serious situation that should be addressed and resolved right away.Unwanted guarding or ownership of a person by a dog is a symptom of a much bigger issue – lack of leadership. Some people …

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