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Dog Training Tip: Prevent Dog Fights and Anxiety – Just Breathe

Dog Training Tip - Prevent dog fights and anxiety

Prevent dog fights and anxiety  – learn to use breathing  to effectively communicate and direct your dog… Dogs in the same household that are getting in to fights are doing so for very specific reasons – this is true regardless of whether you can or cannot identify a reason for the fight. The same is true for other reactive behaviors …

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Stress, Anxiety, Aggression in Dogs – Signs, Symptoms, Treatment

Stress Anxiety Aggression in Dogs

In this article… Typical Causes of Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Aggression  in Dogs; Typical Signs of Stress in Dogs; Long-Term Stress is a Health Threatening Condition The Use of Conventional Chemical-Based Drugs to Control Stress Other Products that Claim to Solve Stress and Anxiety Diet Can Create and/or Exacerbate Stress or Help to Alleviate Stress Herbs Can Help Too Better Communication …

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Understanding Dog Aggression – Avoid Creating Aggression

Dog Behaviour Tips - Understanding Dog Aggression

The most common types of aggressive-reactive behaviour in dogs result from the dog being… A – Insecure, nervous, tense, fear based reactivity; B – Bullying, dominating reactivity. When these psychological conditions noted above are not addressed and resolved a dog may become: Fearful reactive-aggressive, or; Defensive reactive-aggressive, or; Offensive reactive-aggressive. Some typical signs of these behaviors are: Fearful reactive-aggressive – …

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Dealing with Food Aggression, Food Guarding

Dog Training Tips - food aggression

IS DOG to DOG FOOD AGGRESSION NORMAL? In a domestic well-balanced and established, canine-canine or human-canine relationship food guarding, possession to the point of aggression is not normal behaviour. Unless this issue is properly addressed and resolved it can and normally will result in escalated levels of aggression overtime – quickly of slowly depending on the situation. Food guarding / …

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Dog to dog on leash aggression

WHAT’S WRONG WITH THAT DOG?  People scowl and ask when they see a dog being ‘aggressive’ to another dog as the dogs and their people walk by each other. Well nothing is wrong with that dog that cannot be fixed. How did the dog get to this state of reactivity (what you see as aggression)? Well, 99% of the time …

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