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Corn, Soy – Bad for Your Dog, Cat

In this article – the importance of eliminating Corn and Soy from your dog’s and cat’s diet, failure to do so can cost your dog and cat it’s health and shorten its life-span.   Corn and Soy are NOT species appropriate foods for dogs and cats; Corn and Soy (in North America) are grown from genetically modified, round-up ready ‘agent …

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Dangerous Preservatives – Dog, Cat Food and Treats

In this article… Preservatives (used in pet food) that are seriously detrimental to your dog’s, cat’s health – negatively impacting your animal’s quality of life, and shortening life-span;  Uses and dangerous side effects of these chemical-based preservatives. 1.0 Six Chemical-Based Artificial Preservatives You Need to Get Out of Your Dog’s, Cat’s Diet BHA; BHT; Ethoxyquin; Sodium Metabisulfite; Propyl Gallate; TBHQ …

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Avoid These Dog and Cat Food, Treats

Dog (Cat) Food and Treats to Avoid, Lacking in Nutrition full of Toxins, Carcinogens – Manufacturers at the Top of My Shame List Five Mega Multi-National Companies – Five Common Household Names – So Much Deception… Colgate-Palmolive Del Monte Foods Mars Nestlé Procter & Gamble The Big Five listed above produce multiple brands of some of the most popular dog …

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AFFCO Certification of Dog and Cat Food

  AFFCO Certification for Dog and Cat Food is Not A Guarantee of Quality or Good Nutrition… I strongly recommend that concerned and loving Dog Owners never judge a dog or cat food product’s quality based on AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) guidelines and here is why… Just because a dry or wet dog / cat food or …

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Toxins in Processed Dog and Cat Food

Note – the information in this article is applicable to cats as well as dogs. Each of the manufacturers discussed also make equivalent cat food. The examples should be used as both a specific and generic template from which to judge your companion animal’s current dry food diet. The examples provided In this article you will find examples of very …

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