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Prescription Pet Food – Bad for Dog’s, Cat’s Health

Is the Prescription Dog (Cat) Food Sold in Veterinarian’s Offices Good or Bad for Your Dog (Cat)?  Hill’s Prescription Diet, Royal Canine Veterinary Diet, Purina Veterinary Diet, etc. What you Need to Know So That You Can Select Healthy Veterinarian Prescribed Dog Food In this article: Practitioners of Conventional Modern Veterinary Medicine – how much do they really know about …

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AFFCO Certification of Dog and Cat Food

  AFFCO Certification for Dog and Cat Food is Not A Guarantee of Quality or Good Nutrition… I strongly recommend that concerned and loving Dog Owners never judge a dog or cat food product’s quality based on AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) guidelines and here is why… Just because a dry or wet dog / cat food or …

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Toxins in Processed Dog and Cat Food

Note – the information in this article is applicable to cats as well as dogs. Each of the manufacturers discussed also make equivalent cat food. The examples should be used as both a specific and generic template from which to judge your companion animal’s current dry food diet. The examples provided In this article you will find examples of very …

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Grains Cause Dog, Cat Health Problems

A dog’s ancestral diet looked very different from the diet that has been made popular by pet-food manufacturers. The composition of a Dog’s Ancestral Diet looked like this… 56% Protein    25% to 30% Fat           14% Carbohydrates     Carbohydrates are NOT nutritionally necessary in a dog’s diet. Protein and fat ARE essential components for a healthy canine diet. Carbohydrates are NOT …

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How to Choose a Good Dry Dog, Cat Food (Kibble)

In this article: General Issues and Your Dog’s, Cat’s Health Specific ingredients to Avoid – What, Why and How to Select a Better Quality Product How To Safely Transition Your Dog or Cat to Better Food  A Better Alternative to Dry and Wet Processed Commercial Food To Learn more Help Feed a Shelter Dog or Cat for Free 1.0 General …

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