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Toxic Additive in Dog, Cat Food – Flavoring, Flavor Enhancers

Flavor, a Toxic Additive Dog Cat Food

Toxic Additive in Dog, Cat Food – Flavoring, Flavor Enhancers …Artificial, natural (and yes, even organic), flavoring and flavor enhancers are a threat to dogs, and cats health. So why are these toxic additives – flavoring and flavor enhancers used as an ingredient in dog and cat food, treats, supplements, and drugs? Time for the Truth… Artificial, Natural Flavoring, Flavor …

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Trichinosis Prevention in Dogs, Cats – Domestic and Wild Game Diet

Trichinosis Prevention for Dogs, Cats

Trichinosis Prevention in Dogs, Cats – Domestic and Wild Game Diet, no need to fear the Raw Diet Trichinosis prevention in dogs, cats – domestic and wild game diet is a simple matter of understanding which meat to use, avoid, and best preparation methods for incorporating into a raw diet or gently cooked diet. Trichinosis – What Is It? Trichinosis …

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Bone Broth Gelatin (gel, jelly) Recipe for Dogs, Cats Health

Bone Broth Gelatin (Gel, Jelly) for Dogs, Cats

Bone Broth Gelatin (gel, jelly) for dogs, cats health is a nutritious, simple DIY health promoting addition to your dog’s and cat’s diet. The benefits of bone broth gelatin – also known as bone both gel, or bone broth jelly are numerous… Benefits of Bone Broth Gelatin – Partial List Rich in amino acids and collagen Rich in glycine – …

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Avocado Health Benefits for Dogs, Cats

Avocado Health Benefits for Dogs Cats

Avocado health benefits for dogs, cats – this fruit can be an excellent addition to your pet’s diet.  Avocado, also called alligator pear, or butter fruit is botanically classified as a single seeded berry. The flesh of the avocado is a nutrient-rich dog-safe, and cat-safe food. The seed (pit), and skin of the avocado are NOT safe for dogs and …

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Vegan Dry Dog Food – can Vegan Dry Food Support Health, and Ethics

Vegan dry dog food, health and ethics

Healthy, Ethical or Not? Vegan Dry Dog Food, Vegetarian Dry Dog Food – is it really good for your dog. Are the pet food industry’s offerings of vegan and vegetarian dry dog food actually ethically sourced and formulated? In this article I look at an actual Case Study – what went right, what went wrong, and why, and I discuss …

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