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Dogs Politely Waiting to Eat

Dog and Puppy Obedience Training, Socialization

Is this The Type of Training You and Your Puppy or Dog Requires Assistance With?

Dog obedience training is appropriate and beneficial for puppy, teenage and adult dogs that are currently within a normal range of behavior. Normal can be defined as a dog that is fairly well adjusted – not showing signs of insecurity, anxiety or aggressive-reactive behavior.

Your Puppy or Dog Would Benefit From Learning…

  1. To sit, stay, lie down
  2. To walk on a leash with better manners – i.e. no pulling, getting underfoot, weaving, flopping etc
  3. To take food and treats respectfully and gently without becoming over-excited
  4. To be comfortably social in his / her  interactions with people (children, adults), other dogs, cats etc.
  5. To recall to you with consistency

In addition to the above, your puppy or dog may also be developing or currently have some other habits that should be addressed for example…

  1. Puppy is exhibiting normal puppy behavior such as:
    1. Biting and nipping your hands, clothing, etc.
    2. Puppy is chewing on leashes, boots, etc.
  2. Your puppy or dog is also exhibiting one or more of the following:
    1. Begging for food
    2. Counter surfing
    3. If you drop an item on the floor, your dog moves in and
      grabs the item before you can pick the object up
    4. Pushing past you through door ways
    5. Passing you as you go down the stairs
    6. Running out an open door without permission
  3. etc.

Puppies and dogs that benefit from ‘obedience training‘ are within Zone One of my behavior assessment scale.

Dog Behavior Scale Zone 1

For Information on my Dog and Puppy Obedience Training Sessions you can go here.

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