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Protect Your Dog’s Ears From Frostbite

Robbie, my Boxer x Pit Bull HERE IS A SIMPLE TIP FOR THOSE WHO HAVE VERY SHORT HAIR DOGS, BOXERS, GREYHOUNDS, CHIHUAHUAS and the list goes on! Ginger and Petroleum Jelly – simple, inexpensive and effective… When the temperature goes below -20 Celsius, dogs with short fur can end up experiencing vascular damage to their ears (the first stage of …

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Itching and Scratching in Dogs

why does my dog scratch

When a dog is scratching itself constantly, the source of the itch, rash, etc. may be the result of:  An infestation of fleas;  A reaction to another type of bug bite or even insect eggs that have been laid by a bug just under the first layer of skin; Allergies to food or pesticides present in food stuffs; Seasonal or …

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Dog Possessive, Obsessive of People

Dog Training Tips - Preventing possessive obsessive behaviour

Robbie my Pit Bull x Boxer and me! Partnership, not ownership A common concern of my client’s is that their dog is guarding/owning them. This is a serious situation that should be addressed and resolved right away.Unwanted guarding or ownership of a person by a dog is a symptom of a much bigger issue – lack of leadership. Some people …

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Thunder Anxiety in Dogs

Thunder anxiety in dogs

Thunder? Who cares, not me anymore – I have my toy & my comfy place to be! MANY PEOPLE FIND THAT THEIR DOGS ARE ADVERSELY AFFECTED BY THUNDER AND THUNDERSTORMS. I am often asked why this happens and what can be done to help the dog. My first dog ‘Shanny’ was affected by the noise – I was fortunate as …

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Do Dogs Smile

do dogs smile

My German Shepherd x Malamute ‘Jordie’…yes, he is smiling! Do  dogs smile? Yes! FOR MANY YEARS I HAVE WATCHED MY DOGS EXPRESS MANY STATES OF BEING IN THE EXPRESSIONS ON THEIR FACE… happiness, concern, concentration, pain, tension, consternation…yep! And much more. My German Shepherd x Husky ‘Sarah’ – definitely a smile on that face! Does my certainty that dogs do …

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