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Dogs – Sensitive Beings

A dog’s sense of hearing and smell is much more acute then ours. For most people our primary form of communication is voice, but dogs rely on body language to consciously communicate much more than humans do.And while all dogs are sensitive beings – some dogs are even more so – these dogs have heightened sensitivity. Heightened sensitivity (HS) can …

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The Intelligence and Empathy of Dogs

I believe…I know…Each dog has its own unique personality. The full ranges of personalities we see in humans exist in dogs – the main difference being that cruelty a human trait that does not exist in dogs. I don’t think we really know the intelligence level of dogs – in the sense of limits. Dogs rely on instinct, intuition, they …

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Earn Your Dog’s Respect

Most dogs, will instinctively know what they are being asked to do if they are communicated with & shown in the right way at the right time and provided with the right tools to navigate safely and confidently through situations. If the dog’s guardian has not learned how to read their own dog, is not aware of their own emotions, …

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Introducing Your Dog to a New Dog

STEP ONE Make sure you are not tense, stressed or anticipating reactive behaviour (what you probably think of as aggressive) from your dog. To lead by example you must be without any such emotions. You must be (calm) and have confidence in yourself and in your dog. Your state of calm, confidence will set the framework for your dog’s state. …

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Protect Your Dog’s Ears From Frostbite

Robbie, my Boxer x Pit Bull HERE IS A SIMPLE TIP FOR THOSE WHO HAVE VERY SHORT HAIR DOGS, BOXERS, GREYHOUNDS, CHIHUAHUAS and the list goes on! Ginger and Petroleum Jelly – simple, inexpensive and effective… When the temperature goes below -20 Celsius, dogs with short fur can end up experiencing vascular damage to their ears (the first stage of …

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