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Don’t Argue With Your Dog

SO, YOU WANT TO INSTRUCT AND DIRECT YOUR DOG… WELL, LET”S START BY DISCUSSING WHAT YOU SHOULD NOT DO! DON’T ENGAGE IN AN ARGUMENT WITH YOUR DOG, DON’T COMPLAIN & WHINE! Tugging and pulling, yelling, frustration, anger – it’s all part of engaging in an argument.  If you are trying to provide direction to your dog – who is excited, …

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Dealing with Food Aggression, Food Guarding

Dog Training Tips - food aggression

IS DOG to DOG FOOD AGGRESSION NORMAL? In a domestic well-balanced and established, canine-canine or human-canine relationship food guarding, possession to the point of aggression is not normal behaviour. Unless this issue is properly addressed and resolved it can and normally will result in escalated levels of aggression overtime – quickly of slowly depending on the situation. Food guarding / …

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Dog Training Tip - is your dog hungrey or looking for attention

If your dog is always hanging about you looking for food, whining for food, begging for food you might wonder is my dog really that hungry? Should I be concerned? Well to figure out if your dog is truly hungry or just using food to get attention take a look at your dog…if they look to be a good weight …

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IS YOUR DOG OVERWEIGHT? Check the chart below to asses your dog’s weight. Being overweight is as bad for a dog as it is for a human. Dogs can have joint problems, diabetes, heart problems and so on just as humans do from carrying excess weight. Just as obesity can seriously shorten a human’s life – it can also shorten …

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  Check the chart below to assess your dog’s weight.  IF YOUR DOG IS UNDERWEIGHTFirst please make sure that there is no medical condition at the root of your dog’s inability to gain weight. Also make sure that your dog is not suffering from an infestation of parasites such as round worm. When my Boxer Robbie arrived at 8 months …

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