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Fish for Your Dog’s, Cat’s Diet – Selection, Preparation, Recipes – Raw, Cooked

Fish for Your Dog’s, Cat’s Diet - Selection, Preparation, Recipes - Raw, Cooked

My dogs and cats enjoy raw fish, and fish broth as part of a healthy, raw whole fresh-food diet. If you currently use dry pet food, feeding raw may, or may not be something you are interested in BUT, you can improve your dog’s and cat’s daily diet by introducing gently cooked whole foods such as fish as treats, or …

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Natural, Herbal Treatment for Dogs, Cats with Blocked Tear Duct

Natural Treatment Dogs Cats Blocked Tear Duct

If your dog or cat is suffering from a suspected, or confirmed blocked tear duct, a natural herbal treatment can help. A blocked tear duct is a symptom of an underlying condition. It’s important to treat the blockage, and identify the root cause. In order to keep the eyes lubricated, a dogs and cats body naturally produces a thin layer …

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Coconut Turmeric Spice Drop Treats for Dogs

Coconut Turmeric Spice Drop Treats

These coconut turmeric spice drop treats are packed with healthy ingredients your dog will love, and you can feel good about the antioxidant, anti-inflammatory health promoting nutrition packed into these little drops! You will need: 1½ cup organic coconut flour ½ cup organic hemp seeds ½ cup pureed pumpkin 2 tbsp finely chopped fresh or dry blueberries, cranberries, or goji …

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Chelated Minerals in Pet Food – Not Healthy, Not for My Dogs, or Cats!

Chelated Minerals in Pet Food Not Healthy

Chelated minerals are a common ingredient in pet food products, and pet supplements. Chelated minerals aren’t so healthy for your pet. I won’t give my dogs, or cats food or supplements that contain chelated minerals. In 2012, the NCBI reported on a study assessing levels of heavy metals in the liver and kidneys of dogs from an urban environment. Pet …

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Benadryl for Dogs – Why I DON’T Recommend Using it

Benadryl for Dogs - Not Recommended

Benadryl for Dogs – why I DON’T recommend using it – adverse long-term impacts on health… Benadryl Allergy Ultra Tab, or Benadryl LiquiGels are synthetic-chemical drugs. Many veterinarians recommend one of the two products for dogs suffering from symptoms of allergies, swelling from insect stings, or spider bites, etc. If you are on social media, you will see dog owners …

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